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"You don't know how many times I've been in my car, some a**hole cuts me off, and I've wanted to scream, "Nice turn signal, jerk-wad!" Well, now I have something to do the talking for me: these Cure for Road Rage Shticks. Adorned with such clever (and useful) saying as, "WTF?," "Are You Drunk?," and "Shame On You," these clever tools are a foolproof way to let those terrible drivers out there know just how terrible they really are. (Just use with caution: we don't want any road rage incidents on our hands, now do we?)"

"For those of you who constantly feel the need to say what's on your mind no matter how inappropriate, whether it's when you are cut off by a jerk driver on the road or stuck on an excruciatingly long conference call in the office, Shticks may help you stay out of anger management class. Expressing sentiments ranging from "I'm So Sorry" and "Shame on You" to the more flirtatious "You're Cute," the double-sided signs come in packs of 10, allowing you to you save your breath and, instead, say it all with the flick of your wrist."